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There's One Question Garth Is Tired Of Getting!

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Photo: Kevin Dietsch / Getty Images News / Getty Images

Everyone's patience has its limits, and Garth Brooks is no exception. The country legend has been putting up with a lame internet joke for over five years and last week he finally had enough.

It all started back in October of 2018 when Garth announced his stadium tour. He announced the tour with that video about "getting physical playing music" and how much he "likes that." Admittedly, Garth's earnest enthusiasm was a little peculiar - a fact that comedian Tom Segura and his podcast co-host/wife Christina Pazsitzky riffed on, speculating that perhaps Garth was in fact a serial killer and had stashed all the bodies...somewhere. Ever since, any time Garth posts to social media, internet sheep hit him up with the question: where are the bodies, Garth?

Finally, it seems to have become too much for the G-man. When he announced on social media last week that he was readying his 14th album "Time Traveler" for a November release, the same joke predictably flooded the comments section - causing Garth to shut the comments down completely.

Pretty sure that joke has run it's course. Time to move on!