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Shania Converts Gift From Fan Into A Dress

2019 American Music Awards - Fixed Show

Photo: Kevin Winter / Getty Images Entertainment / Getty Images

When you grow up in a family that had to count pennies like Shania Twain did, you learn to get creative and make things last. Shania showed off her thrifty skills to great effect and thanked a generous fan at the same time.

A fan had gifted Shania a denim jacket adorned with patches celebrating the singer and her hits. Shania modeled the jacket, explaining how she was converting it into a dress she intended to wear on stage.

"Now this denim jacket’s been Shania’d," she said in the video. "But a fan did all the patchwork, the embroidery and everything on the denim jacket. So thank you very much to the fan that sent me the jacket," she concluded, adding, "It inspired me to get glamorous" for her Queen of Me tour. She then told the crowd in attendance, "I guess you could say I Shania'd it."