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After MidNite with Granger Smith

After MidNite with Granger Smith

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ISR - Infant Swim Rescue

Photo: Paul De La Cerda

Drowning is the leading cause of accidental deaths for children under the age of four years old. It's quick and it's silent. According to the most recent study from 2018, there were 918 deaths due to drowning. Over half of them were under the age of five years old. Although many people don't know, there is an evidence-based survival skills program with highly trained instructors that have been teaching babies and toddlers how to find the surface of the water, float on their backs and breathe until help arrives. They've been doing this for the past 50 years. It's called ISR or Infant Swim Rescue. While ISR training can't be the only protection to prevent child drownings, it's an extra layer that hasn't been talked about in the mainstream media.

(Check out the study stats from HERE.)

Granger, his wife Amber and their youngest son, Maverick, just had their first round of lessons with ISR co-founder, JoAnn Barnet. While emotionally difficult to endure for them as parents, they know they're giving their son Maverick the skills necessary to survive should he find his way to water.

Check out the video from Maverick's sessions below.

For more information on ISR, please check out

If you or someone you know would like to become an ISR instructor, please visit