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Maren Morris Reveals Secret To A Happy Marriage In “The Bones”

Maren Morris is wise beyond her years.

In a recent interview with Cody Alan, Maren shared that her latest song “The Bones” is an honest look into her relationship with husband, Ryan Hurd.

“I wrote this song before we got married and it really was this dedication to him and what he’s provided for me even in the short time we have been dating,” said Maren.

Being a romantic at heart, Maren shares that she has always had an affinity for tales of tumultuous scenarios that end and the “flaws” are discovered as flawless.In her song, “The Bones,” the lyrics run fans through metaphorical conditions where powerful “storms” surround a relationship.

“An image of a house being completely destroyed by a storm, but then the frame is still there, and it weathered the storm. You know, I loved that. Or, lines in the song like, “the wolves came and went, and we are still standing. It’s a really meaningful song.” says Maren.

Maren also shared her excitement to share this song with fans early because this is the song that she is hoping they will all know as she embarks on her ‘Girl: The World Tour.’ “Out of all of the songs on the record that I have played for friends and family the last couple of years, “The Bones” was a favorite with everyone. So, I was excited to do it as an instant grat release before the actual album because I wanted by the tour for people to really know that song.”

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Catch Maren and her girls on the road. The full list of dates, which also includes Morris' 2019 state fair and festival appearances, are listed below. The official 'Girl: The World' tour begins March, 9th in Chicago and is supported by Cassadee Pope.

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