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After MidNite with Granger Smith

After MidNite with Granger Smith

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It’s a Luke Bryan Christmas Miracle!

It’s the Christmastime festival of lights that Luke Bryan fans dream about, alongside sugar plums of course.

Just outside of Nashville, 6 families have made a tradition of devising a pretty lit block party by synchronizing their Christmas lights to music. The high-tech gadgetry was once a significant production but, thankfully, is now available to the Clark Griswold’s of the world.

Year after year, they could have singlehandedly created the best display of Luke Bryan lights ever witnessed.

On November 25th, The Foster Family posted on Facebook, “Lights are up…Currently, two houses are up and running. We should have the others going by the end of the week. Merry Christmas everyone!”

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Can’t make it to Nashville? No problem, watch the Luke Light-o-Rama video below.

Photo Credit: Getty Images.