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New Details Emerge About Darius Rucker's Arrest In Tennessee

Photo: Getty Images

New details have emerged surrounding country artist Darius Rucker’s arrest in Williamson County, Tennessee, outside of Nashville. Rucker, 57, allegedly possessed multiple substances at the time of the traffic stop, which actually happened nearly one year ago.

Law enforcement officials pulled the Hootie & the Blowfish singer over on February 19, 2023, allegedly for expired tags. The officers smelled marijuana, and Rucker quickly denied smoking that evening when asked, TMZ reported first on Friday (February 2) after obtaining the arrest affidavit. Rucker apparently handed over a marijuana blunt from his pocket and said his girlfriend gave him a THC pen and 14 unmarked pills officers found when they searched the vehicle. Rucker was released without charges at the time, pending the identification of the pills. They were later discovered to be psilocin, defined as a schedule 1 drug and serotonergic psychedelic substance. Officials issued a warrant for Rucker’s arrest in December, TMZ noted in its report. Rucker turned himself in on Thursday (February 1).

Rucker’s attorney, Mark Puryear, added in a statement to the celebrity news hub after the story broke on Thursday: “Darius Rucker is fully cooperating with authorities related to misdemeanor charges.”

A representative with the Williamson County Sheriff’s Department confirmed to iHeartRadio via email that Rucker, 57, was charged with two counts of Simple Possession / Casual Exchange and one count of Violation of Registration Law with a bond at $10,500. He was released Thursday.