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Jana Kramer To Open Up About The 'Hardest, Most Rewarding Year Of My Life'

Photo: Getty Images

Jana Kramer is turning the page to the next chapter in her life and career. The country artist, actress and podcast host announced the long-awaited release date of her upcoming book.

Kramer’s The Next Chapter serves as a space for her to open up about her hardships and “beautiful lessons” that she’s learned after her divorce. But rather than focusing on her ex husband — the father of her two young children, Jolie and Jace — Kramer aims to delve into her own stories and her journey to heal and find happiness (not particularly about falling in love again, though she recently announced that she and Allan Russell are engaged).

“I have been working on this book for over 2 years and I’m so excited it’ll be in your hands soon,” Kramer wrote in her Instagram caption on Tuesday (May 30) as she posted a photo of the cover of the book. “This book is a year diary from the day I filed divorce papers, to a year later and all that I’ve learned since. This book isn’t a tell all about my ex, but more stories that made me realize the end was near and the day I knew I had to walk away. I bring you back to stories that cover my first abusive relationship, to my journey with anxiety and how I started to believe that I deserved good things. This book isn’t about finding a new relationship and falling in love. This book is about the journey to loving myself and all the missteps along the way. Taking ownership for what I needed to work on, and all the beautiful lessons that came from the darkness.. This book details the hardest, most rewarding year of my life. And to finding hope in the darkest of times.”

Kramer’s announcement comes one day after she posted a hint on her social media channels, simply reading, “it’s time to turn the page…” That prompted guesses from eager fans, some of whom picked up the clue that the Whine Down With Jana Kramer host’s new book was on the way. It’s set to release on October 24. See her announcement here: