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Carrie Underwood Reflects On The Story Behind Her Nostalgic Breakup Anthem

Photo: Getty Images

Carrie Underwood filled her Denim & Rhinestones album with vibrant tracks that offered throwback elements in new, fresh ways. But she wasn’t done writing music once the 12-track project was finished.

Underwood teamed up with Lydia Vaughan and David Garcia to write “Out Of That Truck,” on the heels of Denim & Rhinestones. The powerhouse singer-songwriter recently reflected, per her record label: “We had a lot of fun the day we wrote ‘Out Of That Truck.’ That day I was writing with David Garcia and Lydia Vaughan, and we had kind of wrapped up the Denim & Rhinestones album and I was just kind of loving life so much that I just wanted to keep on writing, so we did. That one kind of came out of just having a fun day and love that it’s kind of got a little rockin’ beat to it, and yeah, it’s fun to sing, for sure.”

“When you're runnin' around in that stick shift Chevy/ I bet it drives you crazy/ Thinking about us on every/ Other back road, baby/ You got someone new on your bench seat/ Trying to forget me lately/ But my memory's stuck/ So good luck/ Trying to get me out of that truck”

“Out Of That Truck” offers a new spin on a country truck song. The nostalgic anthem captures the feeling “where it’s like you kind of can’t get over somebody, but it’s because of all the physical marks that you left in a space, being the truck,” Underwood previously explained in a behind-the-scenes clip about the song, which she released on her 40th birthday in March. Listen to “Out Of That Truck” again here: