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Watch How Maddie Font Told Her Husband She's Pregnant In Heartwarming Video

Photo: Getty Images

Maddie Font shared the adorable moment that she told her husband, Jonah Font, that she was pregnant with the couple’s first child.

Maddie & Tae shared the heartwarming video on the duo’s social media channels, capturing Maddie asking Jonah to check whether some bread in the was still good. But when Jonah approached, Maddie swapped out the bread she had outstretched to him for a piece of paper cut into the shape of a heart, and smiled as he realized what she was telling him.

“Really?” Jonah asks after his face lit up with a smile and Maddie burst into giggles. Jonah smiled as he took the heart, and set it aside as he and his wife embraced in a hug. Maddie set the sweet video to “Strangers,” a romantic ballad from Maddie & Tae’s Through The Madness Vol. 1.

Maddie and Jonah announced earlier this month that Baby No. 1 is on the way, sharing a maternity photo on Instagram and writing in the caption: “Baby BOY Font coming this September! Jonah & I are over the moon and feel so blessed we get to be this little man’s parents.”

After sharing the joyous news, Maddie revealed that her best friend and duo partner, Taylor Kerr, was actually the first to know about the pregnancy: “…I was like, dying to tell somebody, and I was gonna try to wait until Jonah got home so he could be the first (to know), and then I just couldn’t. So, I told her and she was the first one to know! In pure, best friend fashion.”

Watch the moment Maddie told Jonah she’s pregnant here: