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Michael Ray Reveals Bruised 'Buttocks' On Instagram After Freak Golf Injury

Photo: Getty Images

Michael Ray is sporting a nasty bruise after a freak golfing accident… and he posted the photo to prove it. The “Holy Water” singer shared on Instagram: “Listen, Did you know the chances of getting hit by a golf ball on the course completely accidentally is lower than 1% …Well, swipe left to see who joined that elite club….”

Ray earned his way into the “elite club” with a huge purple bruise on his “buttocks,” as he referenced a Forrest Gump quote in his caption: “The best part about being hit in the buttocks, is the Free ice cream.” On the second slide of his Instagram post, Ray shared a photo.

Hundreds of commenters gawked at the photo, some wondering whether the country artist was OK (thankful that he didn’t get hit in the head or the chest) while others couldn’t resist giggling (“YOU MADE MY DAY !!! Like a new tattoo”). Some of Ray’s fellow country artists also dropped a few comments, including Matt Stell (“Just an excuse to thirst trap smh”), Morgan Evans (“Haha holy s*** dude!!!”), Kane Brown (“that s*** was loud to [sic] I heard it from 50 feet away”) and Chris Lane (“Haha dudeeee I bet that hurt”), to name a few.

Ray announced on Thursday afternoon (August 4) that he would release a new EP on Friday (August 5), with three new live tracks. He plans to celebrate the release during an appearance on Fox & Friends during the All-American Summer Concert series. Ray shared on Instagram: “I appreciate all the love and support for our live [Warehouse Sessions] releases. After two years of connecting only online and dying to be back on the road again, there's nothing like hearing y’all sing these songs back to us. We’re keeping that energy going with THREE NEW LIVE TRACKS on The Warehouse Sessions EP out TONIGHT. Hit that reminder and I can’t wait to celebrate tomorrow morning on [Fox & Friends].”

See both posts from Ray below: