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Meghan Markle Makes Surprise Visit To Uvalde To Honor Shooting Victims

Photo: Getty Images

Meghan Markle paid her respects to the victims of the Texas school shooting in person during a surprise visit to Uvalde on Thursday (May 26).

Dressed casually in jeans, a T-shirt and a baseball cap, the Duchess of Sussex laid flowers and bowed her head in front of the memorial outside the Uvalde County Courthouse, according to People.

A spokesperson for Markle said she made the visit in a personal capacity as a mother. She wanted to offer her condolences and support in person to the Uvalde community.

Markle is one of several celebrities who honored the victims of the devastating Robb Elementary School shooting, in which an 18-year-old opened fire at the school, killing 19 children and two teachers. Texas natives Selena Gomez and Matthew McConaughey shared messages on social media condemning the actions that took place at the elementary school earlier this week.

"The true call to action now is for every American to take a longer and deeper look in the mirror, and ask ourselves, 'What is it that we truly value? How do we repair the problem? What small sacrifices can we individually take today, to preserve a healthier and safer nation, state, and neighborhood tomorrow?' We cannot exhale once again, make excuses, and accept these tragic realities as the status quo," McConaughey said.

"Those in power need to stop giving lip service and actually change the laws to prevent these shootings in the future," Gomez said.


Britain's Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, places flowers as she mourns at a makeshift memorial outside Uvalde County Courthouse in Uvalde, Texas, on May 26, 2022. - Grief at the massacre of 19 children at the elementary school in Texas spilled into confrontatiPhoto: AFP