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Faith Hill Shares Sneak Peek Of Drunken '1883' Scene With Rita Wilson

Photo: Getty Images

Good whiskey and on-screen laughs are not in short supply when Faith Hill and Rita Wilson are on set together.

Faith posted a new sneak peek of an upcoming episode of Paramount +'s Yellowstone prequel series, 1883 where Rita Wilson guests stars and helps her character unwind in a boozy good time.

"How 'bout a whiskey punch?" Rita's character, Carolyn, asks Faith, who plays Margaret Dutton on the show. "Looks like you could use it."

Before accepting the offer, Margaret asks, "Would you join me?" to which Carolyn quips, "Sister, I've been joining you since noon."

The two bond over the whiskey punch and before long are laughing their way through the afternoon on the porch.

Margaret's husband, James –– played by Hill's real-life hubby Tim McGraw –– interrupts the drunken laughter to tell his wife he's going "to study the river." Both women bust out in contagious laughter at his announcement.

"Can I trust you to stay here?" James asks.

Margaret hilariously reassures him she'll be right there, holding up what's left of the whiskey bottle: "Yep, this long. As long as this is!"

James shakes his head to walk away after which Margaret takes a drunken tumble off the porch, vomiting slightly along the way.

Check out the full sneak peek above.

The new episode airs Sunday (January 30) on Paramount+.