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10 Misheard Country Lyrics We All Get Wrong

Songwriters are brilliant people who spent hours toiling over words to create memorable songs that we can belt out in the shower. On occasion, though, we get the lyrics wrong. 

Hey, it happens to the best of us. 

Here are the most popular and hilarious misheard country lyrics that keep us laughing.

"Knockin' Boots" by Luke Bryan

Misheard Lyric: "Yeah, birds need bees / And I sneeze whiskey ..." 

Actual Lyric:"Yeah, birds need bees / And ice needs whiskey ..."

"I am That Man" by Brooks & Dunn

Misheard Lyric:"I am Batman."

Actual Lyric:"I am that man."

"Against the Grain" by Garth Brooks

Misheard Lyric: "They'd like to f--k their sister."

Actual Lyric: "They'd like to buck the system."

"Folsom Prison Blues" by Johnny Cash

Misheard Lyric:"I'm stuck in wholesome prison."

Actual Lyric:"I'm stuck in Folsom Prison."

"Beachin'" by Jake Owen

Misheard Lyric:"White sand, cocaine."

Actual Lyric: "White sand, cold can."

"Fix" by Chris Lane

Misheard Lyric:"That good eat, that long drink, that sugar on your lips."

Actual Lyric: "That good ish, that long trip, that sugar on your lips."

"Friends in Low Places" by Garth Brooks

Misheard Lyric:"I'm not big on sausage gravy."

Actual Lyric: "I'm not big on social graces."

"You'll Think of Me" by Keith Urban

Misheard Lyric:"Take your cat and leave my shredder."

Actual Lyric:"Take your cap and leave my sweater."

"Take a Little Ride" by Jason Aldean

Misheard Lyric:"Slide your pretty little cellphone over ..."

Actual Lyric:"Slide your pretty little self on over ..."

"Big Star" by Kenny Chesney

Misheard Lyric:"Like she was God's little sister."

Actual Lyric:"Like she was Garth Brooks in a skirt."

"Record Year" by Eric Church

Misheard Lyric:"I'm either gonna get over you or I'm gonna grow out my hair"

Actual Lyric: "I'm either gonna get over you or I'm gonna blow out my ears"

"T-Shirt" by Thomas Rhett

Misheard Lyric:"We had pantyhose and a view of the parking lot."

Actual Lyric:"We had a patio with a view of a parking lot."

"Shoulda Been a Cowboy" by Toby Keith

Misheard Lyric:"Wearin' my sex shoes."

Actual Lyric: "Wearing my six-shooter."

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