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What Aggravates Blake Shelton The Most About Living In LA?

Blake Shelton is known for his country boy swagger and "potty" mouth, but nothing could have prepared us for this response.

In a recent interview with Cody Alan, Cody asked 'The Voice' judge to name the most aggravating part about living in Los Angeles. His response was a royal flush.

"You know, it's illegal to pee outside there," says Blake. "They don't like that."

"That's what I do when I am at home in Oklahoma," he teases. "We pee outside. You never go to the bathroom. That's a problem."

"The other thing is, if there's a coyote outside, people in LA they're like, "That's cute! Oh, look at the beautiful coyote." In Oklahoma, that's the enemy," jokes Blake. "You can't step out and shoot at the coyote. You know?"

"It's a learning curve for me."

After 10 years and 20 seasons of being a judge on 'The Voice' and living in LA, Blake surely has a better grip on "city life." However, in case you missed it, click the link below and catch Blake singing "Come Back As A Country Boy" from his performance at the recent CMA Awards

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Photo Credit: Getty Images.