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Maren Morris On Hosting ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

Maybe you saw Maren Morris slay as a late-night talk show host on Kimmel recently?

The country star made her late-night debut on August 16th, sitting in for Jimmy Kimmel. Her monologues and interview style had us laughing and learning in as she talked with country legend Willie Nelson.

In a recent interview with our own late-night host, Cody Alan, Maren shared what she learned from her experience, saying that she had a great time, but ‘it was nerve-racking.’

“What was something surprising that you learned from doing a late-night show?” Cody asked.

“I think really lifting the curtain on what late-night hosts go through five days a week,” says Maren. “It’s a lot of work.”

“You get there at 8 or 9 in the morning, and you start doing writer rehearsals and kind of picking and choosing what you want to say,” says the “My Church” singer. “Obviously, like, I had so much help with all of the writers at Kimmel, and the producers helped so much with the opening monologue and really tailoring it to my personality and history.”

“Then interviewing people like Willie Nelson, it’s a lot of work, and it gave me such respect for like what you do, Cody!” says Maren. “You have to find common ground with every person that you talk to, and that’s what I had to do that night on a massive scale.”

“It was nerve-racking,” laughs the country star.

Maren didn’t look a bit nervous as she flawlessly delivered her monologue like a pro! Watch to see her in action by clicking the link below.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images.