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Clare Dunn Inspired By Waylon Jennings, Tina Turner, & More

Cody Alan’s ‘Next Artist’ spotlight shines brightly on rising country star, Clare Dunn.

Clare’s raw, powerful vocals stand out across the genre, and her electrified, high-energy performances set the stage on fire. So, who inspired her transfixing live shows, commanding vocals, and unparalleled guitar playing?

In a recent interview with Cody, the “Unread” singer name-checked her musical influences.

“Bob Segar is definitely right there at the top of the list,” says Clare, who tapped her 2019 tour mate.

“Waylon Jennings is a huge influence for me,” adds Clare. Not only for his music but for his approach to it. He had a unique vision for his sound and what he knew his music could be. I have always been inspired by that.”

“Tina Turner, Rolling Stones, Dwight Yoakum, Buck Owens, and lately I am even listening to cats like Johnny Lee,” laughs Clare. “A wide range.”  

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“Now, that you have said Tina Turner. I see that now!” Cody responds. “I have seen you perform before, and it’s a blast to watch you. You are a guitar slinger. You aren’t afraid to throw your hair around on stage. It’s just fun!”

“It’s lovely trying to get it out of my face, so I can see what I am doing!” laughs Clare.

Check out Clare’s EP ‘In This Kind Of Light’ featuring “Holding Out For A Cowboy,” available everywhere now. Also, catch Clare on the radio with Cody Alan every Wednesday night by finding your CMT Radio station at

Photo Credit: Clare Dunn.