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10 Country Stars Who Took Epic Falls + Totally Owned It

We have done it. We have tripped over our own two feet, fell flat on our faces, and hopefully laughed it off. Thankfully, for most of us, this absurdity happens in the comfort of our own homes while we are surrounded by those who love us for being awkwardly off balance.

For clumsy country stars, sometimes those tumbles happen on stage in front of thousands and become their chance to showcase real star power. Watch '10 Country Stars Who Took Epic Falls + Totally Owned It' by clicking the links below.

Talk about being total pros!

Happy Fall, y’all.

Dierks Bentley took a tumble on stage at one of his concerts on Valentine’s Day in Gainesville, Florida. The professional didn’t even skip a bit and continued to sing while laying flat on his back.

Scotty McCreery stepped off stage and got up close and personal with fans who caught him while he was on tour for Brad Paisley in Bethel, New York! (Skip to 8:16)

Brad Paisley ended his Charleston, SC show with an epic guitar riff and even more epic plop.

Garth Brooks even wiped out as he was climbing on one of his stage props mid performance of an OKC concert.

Luke Bryan became his own hype man in Charlotte, North Carolina as he was singing Macklemore’s “Ceiling Can’t Hold Us."

Tim McGraw showed off his staying power when a hole in the floor of his stage at Harvey’s Lake Tahoe. The singer didn’t skip a beat.

Thomas Rhett found his groove and let it all loose while singing “Southside” in Charlottesville, Virginia. A lucky fan got up close and personal when he missed a step and fell into thier arms.

Keith Urban slides into the bayou on stage in Biloxi, Mississippi while getting his fans ready to sing.

Carrie Underwood rocks 5-inch heels and a tumble at her Texas concert. She handled herself like a rockstar.

*DRUM ROLL* again for Luke Bryan. He is the king of singing it and shaking it, but until you see him attempt to catch a beer behind his back in Indianapolis, you really can't see how truly pro this guy is!

Photo Credit: YouTube.