Gabby Barrett Talks About 'Mom Energy'

Gabby Barrett and her husband, Cade Foehner, are settling into life as new parents with their daughter, Baylah May

In a recent interview with Cody Alan, Gabby shared her thoughts on sleep deprivation as a new mom calling it "all a blessing."  

"It's one thing to not get sleep from having four a.m. flights and running and doing this all the time," says the "Footprints On The Moon" singer. 

"It was just very high-energy as to what you were going to do when I would have to wake up and get on flights and all of that, you knew that you were going to do a show, and it was high-energy, so it kept you going," shares Gabby. "But you're not having a concert when you are having a child. You're not throwing a party when you're changing a diaper. So sleep has been a big thing."

"Not getting enough sleep definitely takes a toll on the human body," says the "I Hope" singer. "It's difficult in motherhood, but it's all a blessing."

So what do Gabby and Cade hope to pass down to their daughter? A love for music.

"Probably a combination of what music my husband and I both like," says the country singer.

"My husband likes classic country, and he likes Christian music, and so do I," says Gabby. "So, we will probably bring her up with a lot of that."

"I mean, I was influenced by a lot of that and what music my parents played around me," says the singer. "That's how I got my style of music. So, I imagine what music you play around your kids or in the car influences their style of music."

Listen to Gabby and Cody's full conversation on the Cody Cast podcast by clicking the link below. 

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Photo Credit: Getty Images.