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Will Keith Urban Retire?

Keith Urban has been shaking things up in country music since his arrival in 1992. Over the years, we have witnessed the global superstar rock countless stages, win multiple awards, and we have even jammed out on our air-guitars to some of our favorite country tunes.

During an interview, Cody Alan had the opportunity to ask the “Never Comin Down” singer about his long-term retirement plans.

“I will after Mick Jagger does,” laughed Keith.

“Which is never gonna happen.” Cody replied.

“NEVER GONNA HAPPEN,” hedged Keith. “I always think of retiring being about a factory job or a desk job or something that’s not your passion necessarily. I play music because that’s what I do,” replied Keith earnestly. “I love making music, and if I weren’t doing it in the gigs that I’m doing it, I would be doing it in little clubs somewhere, or I’d be doing it at someone’s barbecue, or the weekends somewhere, its just what I do. So I would never retire.”

“Plus, Jagger is what, 75? I think we have some tours ahead of us,” Keith added.

Keith is hitting the road on August 26th, 2021 taking his 'Speed Of Now Part 1' tour around the country. Get a full list of dates and venues by clicking HERE.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images.