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Robyn Ottolini Says 'I'm Not Always Sad Either'

Robyn Ottolini is the queen of comedic timing and lyrical rhyming and, now, the rising country star is breaking out to tell the world something new.

On the heels of her independently released EP, 'I'm Not Always Hilarious,' featuring her viral hit, "F-150," Robyn has a new project on the way called, 'I'm Not Always Sad Either EP.'

The new project due out on June 25th, will have something for everyone. 

In a recent interview with Cody Alan, Robyn shared how this project will give fans a 360 view of who she is as an artist. 

"I love to write funny songs," says the country star. "I do love to have fun and make jokes. It's a huge part of my personality. This EP was all sad songs, and it was like, 'There is another side to me that's not all jokes and funny and laughs.'"

"I want to keep telling my story as authentically, honestly, and in-time as possible. Even though I've written some heartbreakers, a huge part of who I am is making people laugh. I love to have a good time and not take life too seriously. This EP has got a lot of love on it – romantic love, self-love, friend-love, family-love. I'm happy to finally share that part of who I am with everybody," Robyn says in a statement with press. 

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"I get my heart broken by guys who drive F-150s," teases Robyn. "The 'I'm Not Always Sad Either EP' is going to be some funny songs, some heartwarming songs, some party songs, some 'It's ok to be drunk and screw up sometimes songs.' I am very excited."  

Listen to Robyn's newest release by clicking HERE and catch Robyn on tour this fall with Breland.


1. Tell You Everything (Robyn Ottolini, Jesse Slack)

2. Hold Me Back (Robyn Ottolini, Lydia Sutherland, Jesse Slack)

3. Sincerely, Drunk Me (Robyn Ottolini)

4. Daddy's Daughter (Robyn Ottolini)

Photo Credit: Warner Music Nashville / Matt Stride.