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Why Is Robyn Ottolini Writing Songs In Her Bathroom?

Where do you get inspiration?

Breakout artist Robyn Ottolini is bending the rules and making a name for herself in country music and admits that her best ideas come from an unlikely place – the bathroom!

In a recent interview with Cody Alan, the Canadian native 'overshared' her creative process, and we are obsessed!

"I wrote a lot in the bathroom," laughs the country starlet. "I would sit on the tub and stare at myself. It's like a confessional. It's like you are talking to yourself!"

Fans can thank the porcelain and ceramic for Robyn's breakout viral hit, "F-150."  

"That's how [F-150] was written," shares Robyn. "Then I wrote the last chorus with my two producers, so that's how the song came to be."

"Then I see an F-150, And all the memories of you just hit me. You're driving right through my mind, And every time, I think I'm fine. I see the headlights of an F-150," Robyn's lyrics resonate quickly and the country singer shared that they come from a very vulnerable place. 

 "He drove an F-150, obviously," Robyn tells Cody. "That's what the song is about, and we live in a small town, and I would see F-150s everywhere and would be like, "Oh my god, please don't let it be him. I don't want to see him." Then, I just saw the last F-150 I could handle and I went home, and I wrote it."

Listen to Robyn go from being heartbroken to "movin' on, gettin' strong" in her single "F-150" by clicking the link below. 

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Photo Credit: Getty Images.