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Hear Wynonna Cover Billie Eilish

Hearing Wynonna cover Billie Eilish might be "everything you ever wanted."

Recently the country powerhouse sat down with Cody Alan to reveal why she decided to add her raspy-bluesy vocals on a cover of Billie's pop-smash "Everything I Wanted."

"My bonus-son made a suggestion. He was like, "Ok, we had been doing online concerts. Fans, they have been making requests. We did a Valentine's Day show, and he said, "I think you should do a cover." I learned it because it was his suggestion."

Wynonna fell in love with Billie's song during quarantine and says she started "Love Notes" as a way to tap up-and-coming stars and offer comfort for anything that they may be going through.

"I see the part where I felt like a misfit, and I felt like I didn't fit in, to the point where I was made fun of a lot. Of course, I say, "Who is laughing now? Ha. Ha. Ha," but back then, I was incredibly lonesome."

"In my economy, I was so different people thought something was wrong with me, almost like, "What's the matter?" and I just felt lonely. And I had music, thank God," says the country powerhouse.

"I am starting a thing called "Love Notes" to say, "Billie, I see you. I hear you," says Wynonna. "Just know I'm out here if you need anything."

Listen to Wynonna soar on Billie's emotional pop song by clicking the link below.

Photo Credit: Getty Images.