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Elle King Reveals What A Night Out With Miranda Lambert Is Really Like

Elle King and Miranda Lambert have reunited with a bang, joining forces to release their power anthem "Drunk (And I Don't Want To Go Home.)

In a recent interview with Cody Alan, Elle shares how her friendship with Miranda is built on fringe, sequins, songs, and getting drunk together.

If you have ever wondered what a night out with Miranda is like, Elle shares the drunken details.

"We don't go "out," out in public," says Elle. "We've only kind of been on tour, but she brings a literal bar that is a trailer everywhere with her, Wanda."

Watch her interview with Cody by clicking the link below.

"I am pretty sure that I was just on that tour because she knows that I can hang, and Miranda is all about a hang," reveals the "Ex's & Oh's" singer.

"Miranda, ya know, is just a normal person. Everybody is away from their family and friends, so she wants to have a good time, and she sets the greatest tone for an entire tour," Elle says. "So, I am always the first at the bar after the show. You know, anytime my family came out, Miranda would always come and sit, and the drunker you are, the more she loved ya."

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Photo Credit: Getty Images.