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How Lee Brice Guarantees Family Time On Tour Remains Special

Lee Brice and his family are stretching their legs a little bit after being cooped up at home for most of 2020.

In a recent interview with Cody Alan, the "Rumor" singer shared updates on what he and his family have been doing and how he hopes that going on the road with him will always remain special.

"You know, we kind of did a big Spring Break. I just did a big trip and rode a bunch, and Sara came," says Lee. "We will find something, one more big thing, probably."

Being home with three kids has had its upsides for Lee and his wife Sara, but they are both ready for some family adventures.

"You know, we haven't been out a lot. So, daddy is about to hit the road pretty hard," laughs Lee. "So, we will probably find something really cool to do for Fall break."

The "One Of Them Girls" singer is looking forward to playing several show dates this year, but taking his family on the road is something that he wants to remain unique and fun. 

"We really try and keep that to where it's a special thing," says Lee. "They think it's a big deal to come out on the bus, and we want to keep it that way."

One of Lee's favorite memories of having his family on the road happened when he decided to bring his son Ryker out on stage during a show. The tiny tot stole the show.

"I got Ryker out on stage during "Boy," and I thought maybe he would just go ahead and get off after he said hello," tells Lee. "But, he just stayed right on up there high-fiving people. I was like, "Son, you have got to go!"

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Photo Credit: Getty Images.