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Gabby Barrett Hopes To Influence Her Daughter's Musical Taste

Gabby Barrett and her husband, Cade Foehner, are settling into life as new parents with their daughter, Baylah May

As Mother's Day nears, the new mom dropped in with Cody Alan to share what music she and Cade hope to pass down to their daughter. 

"Probably a combination of what music my husband and I both like," says the country singer.

"My husband likes classic country, and he likes Christian music, and so do I," says Gabby. "So, we will probably bring her up with a lot of that."

"I mean, I was influenced by a lot of that and what music my parents played around me," says the "I Hope" singer. "That's how I got my style of music. So, I imagine what music you play around your kids or in the car influences their style of music."

We can thank Gabby's parents for their strong musical influences. The vocal powerhouse recently earned her second chart-topping hit with "The Good Ones." Take a listen by clicking the link below. 

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Photo Credit: Getty Images.