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The Totally Random Story Behind Jameson Rodgers' Duet With Luke Combs

Sometimes random DMs turn into big opportunities, and just maybe, hit songs. Just ask Jameson Rodgers

The Mississippi native and relative newcomer is still riding high from his hit single "Some Girls," but that's not the only song that has fans talking. Jameson's new single "Cold Beer Calling My Name" features none other than Luke Combs, and to say the collaboration was born from chance is an understatement.

"It's funny," Jameson tells Cody Alan. "Luke hit me up back in 2016 on Instagram of all things, and this was before 'Hurricane,' his first big hit, which was just going to radio at the time. He was kind of on the verge of really breaking."

The reason for reaching out was simple enough.

"He said he was a fan of my first EP, and he just wanted to write," Jameson recalls.

The pair sat down with James McNair, another celebrated Nashville songsmith, to see what they could come up with.

"I don't even think we finished a song," Jameson remembers, laughing. "We sat around and talked and maybe wrote half a song."

The guys stayed in touch, though, and when Jameson released another EP two years later, Luke called to invite him on tour. And that yielded something else altogether.

"At the time, I was in the studio recording 'Cold Beer Calling My Name,'" Jameson says, explaining that he had no intention of making it a duet. "It wasn't like I was sitting in the room thinking, 'Oh yeah, Luke Combs is going to blow up in four years and record this with me.' You can't make it up."

Of course, Jameson did ask Luke to join him on the song, and the rest is country music history. "In my defense, Luke was a massive country star when I asked him to be on it, but he wasn't the massive star he is today," Jameson tells Cody Alan. "So it did happen naturally."

Jameson Rodgers' "Cold Beer Calling My Name" featuring Luke Combs is calling yours below. Find your CMT Radio station here.