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Carrie Underwood Teases New Music

Carrie Underwood might have something up her sleeve.

In a recent interview with Cody Alan, the global superstar says that she's finally feeling "the spark" to go full throttle.  

Celebrating her gospel album "My Savior," Carrie is looking ahead with bright eyes and excitement to return to country music. 

"I feel like last year was so unsure. Nobody knew where the world was headed. I was so blessed to have Christmas music to work on and then [My Savior] to work on. Like, we started working on 'My Savior' before "My Gift" was even released," says the "Cry Pretty" singer.  

"I was kind of waiting to get that spark, you know? Like, when am I gonna feel like, "Ah! Let's do this!" says Carrie. "And, I feel it!"

"So, I am excited. So, at some point, once the dust settles from this very exciting project for me, we will start seeing what's in the tank!"  

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Photo Credit: Getty Images.