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Carrie Underwood Reveals Her Least Favorite Workout Move

Carrie Underwood is looking fit and fabulous! 

How does she do it?

The country superstar has been busy with two kids, a husband, a musical career, a fitness book, and celebrating the 6th anniversary of her fitness apparel line, 'CALIA by Carrie Underwood.'

In a recent interview with Cody Alan, Carrie says, "It feels so great to see the line expanding, and with every collection, it just gets better and better. My closet is full of it, and I live in it. That's the best part, for me!"

This breathable, sleek, and ultra-supportive activewear must come with superpowers?

While Carrie denies magic is at play, she does admit that she loves to workout. However, if there were one workout move she could nix from her routine, it would be the dreaded burpees. 

"I hate burpees. I hate burpees so much," laughs Carrie. "My trainer Eve Overland, she loves burpees, and she will do the most insane variations of burpees, and I am just like, "NO."

Having boundaries is good, even in fitness. For proof, take a peek at our favorite Carrie Underwood workout pics below. 

Carrie places a lot of importance on her health and has been sharing her secrets to wellness in her book, 'Find Your Path: Honor Your Body, Fuel Your Soul and Get Strong With the Fit52 Life.' The fitness guide is paired with a fitness app designed to help fans and fitness pals stay accountable and track their progress. You can check it out for yourself by clicking HERE