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Did Brothers Osborne Really Make Cody Drop The "A Word?"

What was Cody Alan's feedback after hearing Brothers Osborne's new album? Let's just say he gave it an "A," not an "F." *Wink*

The "It Ain't My Fault" singers delivered their first full-length rock album to fans during COVID-19, and they hope that fans feel like they are at a live show.

"Hopefully, if you are listening to this record, it transports you somewhere that gives you at least some feeling that you are having an experience outside of your living room," says John Osborne.

"If 'Pawn Shop' was our introduction, and 'Port Saint Joe' was like the first conversation we had with someone over a beer, then 'Skeletons' is the moment where you start getting down to the real stuff and showing who you really are," John Osborne shares in a press release. "If you really want to get to know us, this is the record to do it."

This album is a banger, and fans love the chance to get to know Brothers Osborne. Watch the video below to hear why Cody is cussing.

Photo Credit: CMT Radio.