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Dolly Parton Accessorizes With A Smart Phone

Country legend, Kenny Rogers, once told Cody Alan that Dolly Parton still uses a fax machine.

During a recent interview with the “I Will Always Love You” singer, Cody asked about her current tech-expertise and was shocked to learn that her accessory collection has grown.

“I have a printer now,” Dolly laughs. “I still write my songs on a cassette player. I still write my songs longhand on a legal pad. I’m just still an old-timer, and he used to always rag me out.”

So, ‘What Would Dolly Do’ if she had to reach someone quickly?

“I have a smartphone!” says the icon. “I’m not very high-tech, but I am totally surrounded in my company with all of that. So, anything that I want up, I get it out there. But I don’t want to be bothered with all that stuff. I am not that curious about other people and things. I’m involved in my own work.”

“I call out. I take calls if I want to pick them up, or I’ll call back when I got time,” shares the “Jolene” singer. “I am not your high-tech girl, but I am getting it done. I’m out there. I’m all over the place.”

All over the place is a humble understatement. Catch Dolly as she joins Cody Alan on AFTER MIDNIGHT, Oct. 10th from 12mid - 5am and CMT Radio Live, Oct. 12th from 7 pm-12 mid by finding your station at

Photo Credit: Getty Images.