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Kane Brown Says He 'Begged' Kaitlyn Jae To Join Him On Duet

Kane Brown and his wife Katelyn Jae make a cute duo as a couple, and now this twosome is releasing their first song together. 

Kane teased the collab, "Mad At The World", on socials causing quite the stir among fans. However, Katelyn wasn't always sure that the announcement of a duet would be met with excitement.

In a recent interview with Cody Alan, Kane spilled the beans on the conversation that was happening behind closed doors and admitted that he had to be pretty persuasive.

"Well, for her, she loves to sing, and she can sing her butt off," shared the "Homesick" singer. "She has always been nervous that the fans would get mad at her, thinking that she was trying to break her music career or something."

"For her, I mean she has been married to me, and we have been together for six years now, and she quit all that music stuff so I could fulfill my dream," says Kane with a thankful undertone. "I just told her, I was like, "I think it would be beautiful if you were on this song with me," and she was like, "No, no." so I kind of begged her a bit."

"She is excited now," he laughs before sharing that the recorded version might be the only one fans here.

"When I told her that she was going to have to get on stage and sing it with me, she threw that out the window."

A release date for the track has not been announced.

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