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Natalie Stovall Embraces 'Divine Decision' To Join Runaway June

You may remember her from NBC's 'The Voice.' You may have seen her recognized by CMT's 'Next Women of Country,' or you may even know her from the spotlight, fronting her band. 

Her name is Natalie Stovall, and she is the newest member of Runaway June, replacing original member Hannah Mulholland who left the group earlier this year. 

In a recent interview with Cody Alan, the trio revealed that the decision to shake up their line-up and add Natalie was a "divine decision." 

"It was a wild phone call to get in the middle of quarantine," says Natalie. "Jennifer called me and said, "Hey, what would you think about joining the band?" and we all started talking. It was a little strange because we were all in different locations. Jen was in Malibu, Naomi was up in Maine, I was here in Nashville. We all started talking about it, and the more we discussed it and the more we started dreaming together, it just made so much sense."

"It felt like what I was supposed to do, so I listened to that, and already I feel like it was the most beautiful and divine decision that I have made."

Runaway June released their first single as a revamped trio. Click the link below and hear Naomi Cooke, Jennifer Wayne, and Natalie Stovall combine their powerhouse vocals on, "We Were Rich." 

Cody Alan is shining his spotlight on Runaway June throughout July. Bookmark and check back often for the latest and greatest in country music news and updates.

Photo Credit: Getty Images.