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Thomas Rhett Describes His Home As 'Chaotic Mess'

While a third child will bring a new measure of chaos to any household, COVID-19's stay-at-home order has taken things to a new level for Thomas Rhett and his wife, Lauren.

In a recent interview with Cody Alan, TR reveals that's they have had to become a little more creative with their family time over the last few months.

"It's crazy, man," says the "Die A Happy Man" singer. "Before we were on lockdown, it was just like, "Let's put the girls in the car and take them to Chic-fil-a and let them play, play on the slide, and get a milkshake." We have had to be way more creative during this time."

Thomas went on to lightheartedly describe his household as "a chaotic mess."

"I think me and Lauren have learned that our life is chaos right now, and it's just a season," laughs Thomas. "But, it's been really cool being home with them. I mean, right now, I would be getting ready to get on a bus to go play our first show, which is really sad that we aren't doing that. At the same time, I get to be home with my girls and get to watch them grow and get to watch them do things for the first time that I would have missed."

When Thomas isn't wrangling his children or spending time with Lauren, the country superstar has been spending time in quarantine writing new songs.

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