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Brett Eldredge Announces His Pup, Edgar Boogie's Retirement

In a recent interview with Cody Alan, Brett Eldredge shared that a retirement party is in order for his charming "partner-in-crime" pooch, Edgar Boogie.

Edgar, the Weimaraner/Vizsla mix, made his official debut on July 14, 2016, and would later go on to join as Brett's co-star in the official music video for "Love Someone." Now in 2020, Edgar has declared that he wants to be a stay-at-home pup instead of a celebrity.  

"It's crazy being home this much, but I feel like the dogs are loving it," says Cody during the interview. "I've got a dog, Teddy. I know you have a dog, Edgar. He must be eating this time up?"

"Yeah! I don't have anybody else with me, so it's good to have Ed. Ya know? Edgar recently retired from the spotlight, so he is just my pup now. So, I get more time with him now that he isn't trying to post pictures and stuff," laughs Brett. "It's been really nice."

Edgar may not be up for celebrity sightings, but one thing is for sure, he's still the apple of Brett's eye.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images.