Kelsea Ballerini Reveals Her Insecurities 

How do you address your insecurities? For Kelsea Ballerini, she pours them all into an album. Her new album, 'kelsea' arrives on March 20th and the "Miss Me More" singer says that she is eager to clear the air.

 "This one is just me trying to figure my s— out, like 'Who am I now?' It's a little more personal — that's why we called it kelsea," says the country singer. "Part of it is I don't know where I fit in the celebrity culture because [I think] I'm a D-list country singer and I find myself in a room with A-list people, and I don't know how to navigate it or how to talk to them. It makes me go in my head."

The Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter also revealed that she was worried about how her fans would receive her more pop-leaning tracks on this genre-bending album, vowing never to lose touch with her country roots.

"There are a lot of pop and country elements on this record. It made me scared; I was like, 'If there are as many beat drops as there are banjos on this album, are people going to think that I'm not a country artist anymore? Are they going to lose respect for me in this journey that I've built in Nashville?'" she says. "But I never will jump ship. I am rooted, and I've built my foundation [in country], but I'm allowed as an artist and a musician to explore and create."

Mark the calendar to see Halsey and Kelsea takeover CMT Crossroads on March 25th at 10 pm ET/CT on CMT. 

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