EXCLUSIVE: Toby Keith Shares "First Time Drinking Alcohol" Story

"Who's That Man" celebrating a birthday July 8th? Toby Keith.

Youth and wine coolers are a powerful combination, but for an adolescent Toby getting drunk meant drinking something a little more stout.

While hanging with Cody Alan, Toby spilled his story, sharing his first time getting drunk, and a Seagram's Strawberry Daiquiri was no match for what he called a "Flaming Armadillo."

"It was a Flaming Armadillo," reveals the "Red Solo Cup" singer. It's like three liquors, and they set it on fire, and you blew it out, and you put ice water down the rim and down it. It was so hot from the flame that it had like an aromatic thing that went up in your nose like horseradish and blew your head off.

I was eating in a steakhouse and was underage, and I remember, I said, "I want another." I just thought, "I'll take advantage of this." I got a little over-served, and I puked for like three days. I was really sick.

The Flaming Armadillo sounds tragic. Share your first-time drunk stories with Cody Alan on socials by following him on Twitter and Instagram at @CodyAlan.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images.