Luke Bryan Champions Females In Country Music

Luke Bryan sets his sights on his upcoming 'Proud To Be Here' tour

In a recent interview with CMT's Cody Alan, Luke shared how he plans to use this tour to help champion females in country music.

When looking at who would make great openers bring out on the 'Proud To Be Here' tour, Luke selected Caylee Hammack and country trio, Runaway June as well. All have plenty of touring experience under their belts. In 2019, fans spotted Runaway June dominating the stage ahead of Carrie Underwood on the 'Cry Pretty Tour 360.' Also, in 2019, country music's newest fiery redhead, Caylee Hammack, joined country flamethrower Miranda Lambert on the 'Roadside Bars & Pink Guitars Tour.'

While everyone is eager to set the stage for a great high energy tour, which also includes Morgan Wallen, Luke is hopeful that his female-heavy lineup will help set the stage to showcase talented artists who are working hard to get heard by the country industry.

"I sometimes think that in life you don't realize there's an imbalance until you start looking at the stats, and the truth," Luke shared in his interview with Cody. "I'm a big believer. The fact that we are now going to have two awesome female acts out there. It's very fun!"

Luke believes that there will be lessons learned for everyone involved, and he is eager to see what happens. "At the end of the day, the pressure is always on whether you're male or female to try and put out music that really connects with country music as a whole. You can see change is happening!"

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Photo Credit: Getty Images.