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Maren Morris Struggles With ‘Major Insomnia’ During Pregnancy

Maren Morris recently joined CMT Radio’s Cody Alan in the studio, where she shared an exhausting baby update. As it turns out, like Carrie Underwood’s pregnancy, Maren is also dealing with insomnia. 

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“Every morning, I wake up at 3:30 on the dot,” laughs “The Bones” singer. “At this point, it’s just my body clock waking me up, and I don’t know if its from the baby kicking or if its hormones or anxiety, but I mean, I lay awake for two hours with nothing to do. I end up watching TV or reading or something so that my brain will shut off again!” 

Maren and her husband, Ryan Hurd, opted to skip the Grammy Awards on Jan. 26th to venture to Blackberry Farm to enjoy a relaxing weekend at the lake together. The babymoon was restful for the duo, but Maren is still waking up in the dismal hours of the early morning.  

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“It is so annoying,” she shared. “I want to just sleep through the night so that I am well rested for the sleepless nights to come when the baby is actually here! Yeah. I am dealing with major insomnia right now.” 

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