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Thomas Rhett Is Moving

Thomas Rhett's family is expanding, and it's time to pack up the boxes.

Recently, TR joined Cody Alan on the radio where he revealed that the family is excited to grow and excited to go.

That's right; they're moving.

"This pregnancy for [Lauren] has been a little bit tougher on her than when she was pregnant with Ada, but she is a champion — making it through it. She is 21 weeks pregnant, so a little more than halfway," shared the "Changes" singer. "We are getting very excited. We haven't really picked out names, but we are starting to finalize on 4 or 5 that we love."

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While baby names are still on the hinge, one thing is sure. The Akins family needs more space. "We are about to move into a new house," laughs Thomas. "We physically don't have any more rooms for a new baby! I'm excited to have all girls. I really am!"

"' Frozen 2' is coming out," Cody reminded Thomas.

"Oh yeah, can't wait! We have seen 'Frozen On Ice' three times!" boasts TR with light-hearted weariness. "We have given Frozen our money, for sure."

Photo Credit: Getty Images.