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Carrie Underwood Reveals The Wisdom She Hopes To Pass Along To Her Sons

Stars are gearing up for Mother’s Day weekend, and Carrie Underwood has some high hopes.

In a recent interview with Cody Alan, Carrie shared that she hopes that she and husband Mike Fisher can pass down some well-rounded wisdom.

“I can imagine my husband taking them and teaching them about hockey. I will be of no help there,” laughs Carrie. “I think music will definitely be my thing.”

Carrie’s well-rounded awareness on music crosses all genres, and her influences reach far and wide.

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“This is really important,” shared Carrie as she talked about being able to pass along her wisdom. “The things you need to know about these artists. They will be so random. I think that will be so wonderful for them to get older and be like, “My mom was playing The Rolling Stones for me and everyone from them to John Denver to Alan Jackson and everything in between.” So, that will be my thing.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images.