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CMT Crossroads Taping: Zac Brown + Shawn Mendes Share Scars and Stitches

A new episode of 'CMT Crossroadswill soon air featuring the Grammy award-winning artist Zac Brown and pop star, Shawn Mendes. So, with talent like this igniting on stage, why is everyone talking about Shawn’s face?

Shawn arrived to the taping of 'CMT Crossroads' on Tuesday night sporting a smirk and little facial road rash. Cody Alan couldn’t resist asking the very important question.  “In Nashville, you were on one of those scooters and what happened? You’ve got some injuries here.” Cody teased.

Shawn responded with an honest smile. “I fell. That’s about it. I wish I could make it sound a lot cooler than that. But, that’s really just about it. And, I took it face first. Cause I was like, these hands cannot break I gotta play guitar with Zac Brown.” 

All scrapes and bumps aside, the two gifted entertainers were in good spirits and excited to collaborate and combine their talents and hits for the CMT taping Tuesday evening (Sept. 11th). After witnessing the on-stage magic, we can guarantee that this is a 'CMT Crossroads' event that you will not want to miss.

Mark your calendars now for a date night with CMT on Oct. 24th at 10 p.m. ET/PT.

CMT Crossroads Taping: Zac Brown And Shawn Mendes Share Scars But No Stiches