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After MidNite with Granger Smith

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Hillary Scott Recalls Moment She Learned She Was Having Twins

Finding out you’re pregnant can be a surprise, but finding out you’re pregnant with twins can be a full-on shock.

Hillary Scott recently experienced the bewilderment first hand when the future mom of three discovered she and husband Chris Tyrrell were, in fact, expecting twins.

She recalled the surprise in an exclusive phone conversation with CMT’s Cody Alan.

“The ultrasound tech, they’re taught to be extremely even-keeled and not too excited either way about anything,” Hillary says. “She kind of started the ultrasound, and all of a sudden she just looked at me really monotone, kind of no emotion, and was like, ‘So how do you feel about two babies?’ And I said, ‘You’re joking.’ And she said, ‘I can’t joke about this.’ I just started busting out laughing. There was no other emotion I could find other than just complete shock and laughter.”

The Lady Antebellum singer, who is already mom to 4-year-old Eisele Kaye, adds she’s thankful her mom attended the ultrasound appointment with her “as a witness or no one would believe [them].”

Hillary is due to give birth in February 2018.

Photo: Getty Images