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Chris Janson Shares Pre-Show Ritual

Chris Janson is a family man.

When Chris is not being the wildly energetic onstage performer that country fans know and love, he prefers to be at home.

In a recent interview with CMT Radio, Chris reveals that his pre-show ritual doesn’t include a tried and true strategy, but it does focus on family time.

“My regiment on show day is usually this,” starts Chris. “I am usually there about 20 to 30 minutes ahead of being on the stage. So I fly in, get into a car, go the venue, get these ears on, get my guitar on, say hello to my guys, and then it’s like on stage, I play a show, and then when it’s done, I am like, “Thank you good night!” and I am into a car and gone.”

Chris really enjoys being home with his wife and children, so he makes that a priority on show days.

“I am at home within the next couple of hours,” teases Chris. “I don’t really have a pre-show ritual other than just chasing my kids, you know, and normal life. I get on stage and do my “work-life,” and then I hop off stage and go home to be Chris Janson the dad again.”

Chris recently announced his 2022 ‘Halfway To Crazy Tour,’ where he plans to jaunt to 15+ cities. See him in a town near you by clicking HERE.