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Ashley McBryde Reveals Her Secrets

This "Girl Going No Where" has actually been almost everywhere, and she has picked up a few tricks along the way.

In 2020, Ashley McBryde joined Cody Alan for an interview where she revealed her secrets to combat everything from a nasty hangover to a rude comment online.

Write these down. Cody has tested her theories, and is happy to report that the "One Night Standards" singer is pretty spot on with her answers.

Best Hangover Cure: "If you are going to beat a hangover, you are going to get Pedialyte. But get a flavor of a fruit that doesn't exist. Get blue raspberry. Why? Because that doesn't exist, I've never seen a blue raspberry, so they can't screw that up for me. Um, that and ibuprofen and a frozen burrito."

Perfect Breakfast: "I like lunch for breakfast. So, I would like a grilled cheese situation with some ham."

Secret For A Good Night's Sleep: "Going to bed way earlier. I found this out during quarantine. You know, when you are still on tour schedule, you are staying up till 2 or 3 in the morning. I have always functioned that way. During quarantine, I started going to bed at 9 pm, and I wake up at 7 am so refreshed."

Responding To Negative Comments Online: "First of all, you shouldn't read the comments. Second of all, when someone spins something negative toward you, it's really more about how they feel about themselves than how they feel about you. So if you have to respond, you should respond to them in your heart with "Wow, you should be a lot easier on yourself." That way, you are responding to yourself and the person spouting BS at you."

Ashley's sophomore album, 'Never Will' is available everywhere now. Want to hear their full conversation? Click the link below and check out Cody's Cody Cast podcast replay.

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Photo Credit: Getty Images.