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Dolly Parton Shares Marriage Advice

Dolly Parton and her husband, Carl Dean, have been married for over 50 years. Although Carl avoids the spotlight, Dolly says that their relationship has survived the years, thanks to their mutual respect and love.

In a recent interview with Cody Alan, Dolly unveiled some of the mysteries behind who her husband is and why their relationship "worked out really well."

"Carl is a good guy," says the "I Will Always Love You" singer. "He's born and raised in and around this area. He has lived over in Woodbine all his life. He and his father were in asphalt paving. As a matter of fact, he was coming home from work one afternoon in 1964, the first day that I came to Nashville. I had left a boyfriend at home, thinking the last thing I want to do is get hooked up with a man. You know? I don't want a boyfriend now. I want to work."

"So, what do I do? I meet Carl Dean, two years later, I marry him, and we have been together ever since," laughs Dolly. "He is a good guy."

"He does not like a lot of people around, but he is funny," shared the country legend. "The people he is around, they think he is funny, and cleaver, cute, and weird, and he is all of that! He is entertaining to me. he's my best buddy, we have always got along great, but he does not like being in the spotlight."

"So, what's the secret to you and Carl staying together for so long?" asked Cody. "I stay gone," laughs Dolly. "I've been gone for 43 years. Why wouldn't it last?"

"We are not in each other's face. He's very independent. He does not need me to be under each other's feet. In fact, he doesn't want me to be. I don't want him to be in my face. If we get a little testy, we know it's time to move on. We don't argue. We don't fight. We just both know when it's time to go," says the star candidly. "We didn't have children, so that gives us a king of freedom. He's as independent as I am. We are not insecure. It's worked out real well."

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Photo Credit: Getty Images.