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Why Is Trisha Yearwood Calling Lauren Alaina 'Junior'?

Lauren Alaina left us spinning on Dancing With The Stars, and now the country singer is pirouetting into Cody Alan's living room via a phone call.

During their conversation, Lauren dishes details behind her relationship with Trisha Yearwood. What was it like for Lauren to meet her hero, guest star on Trisha's cooking show, and earn a nickname?

"She is my childhood, ya know?" Lauren opens up. "Growing up in the nineties, it was Trisha. There were multiple women, but she was such a prominent voice on the radio. I remember singing her songs in singing competitions and just loving her."

"It's always scary to meet one of your heroes because you have an idea of who they are in your head. Not that someone might not be a good person, but we have worked out what they would be like. You know what I mean?" Lauren continues.

"I met her at an award show, and I sang with her, and we all shared a dressing room. It was a female performance, and it was really powerful and amazing. And we started talking about food and our love for food, and I just remember thinking, "Wow! She is everything I would ever want her to be." While we were there, she asked me to come on her cooking show," shared the "Getting Good" singer. "While we were there cooking, she sang a part of "Getting Good" and surprised me while we were in the kitchen. She calls me JUNIOR now, like TRISHA JUNIOR!"

Lauren highlights this life milestone by saying, "Hearing her sing my song, I cry every time I hear it because that voice shaped my voice so much."

"You know what I thought of?" Lauren asks Cody. "Oh my gosh. Have Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks listened to my song in their living room?" I bet they have! The thought of that gives me a heart attack. "Garth Brooks has listened to me in HIS HOUSE!" giggles the "Road Less Traveled" singer.

Click the link below and listen to Lauren and Trisha collaborate on their powerhouse version of "Getting Good."

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