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Thomas Rhett Reveals Secret To Tour Energy And Creating Concert ‘Eye Candy’

When country fans go to a concert, they are expecting a show. For easy-going Thomas Rhett , putting on a show is an opportunity to step out of his normal laid-back style and be over the top with infectious energy.

In a recent interview with TR, Cody Alan wanted to know how he preps for such magnetic and animated shows. “How do you get that pumped up?” asked Cody.

Thomas shared some secrets that we didn’t expect, which includes cocktails, heavy breathing, and sometimes a run.

“There’s times when I am literally laying in the bed at 7:30, and I’ll get up at 8 and just start breathing, like, really heavy, make a cocktail, start listening to some music, go maybe run a lap.

“It’s essentially a switch that you flip. I’m a pretty chill dude, but I kind of turn into a different person.”

Thomas is gearing up to play Amphitheater s for the first time this year and hopes to bring fans something that they have never seen before.

So what’s his plan for bringing the “eye candy” to his tour?

“So much of that is production, and letting fans see something that hopefully they have never seen before,” shared Thomas. “We work with a great team who really helps us to be as progressive as we can be with our production. Our music director helps us re-arrange our songs and set lists.” Thomas glowed “Eye Candy, man. How do you make that show something you can’t take your eyes off of? We go into rehearsal in march and rehearse for about a month and get on the road in April.”

TR and his band are bound for Canada April 24 th and will return to the US with the Very Hot Summer Tour’ on May 17 in Spokane, Washington.

Thomas Rhett's 2019 Very Hot Summer Tour Dates:

May 17 — Spokane, Wash.

May 18 — Tacoma, Wash.

May 25 — Orange Beach, Ala.

May 26 — Orange Beach, Ala.

June 13 — Virginia Beach, Va.

June 14 — Charlotte, N.C.

June 15 — Bristow, Va.

June 20 — Detroit, Mich.

June 21 — Indianapolis, Ind.

June 28 — Dallas, Texas

June 29 — Houston, Texas

July 11 — Toronto, Ont. Canada

July 12 — Pittsburgh, Pa.

July 19 — Darien Center, N.Y.

July 20 — Hershey, Pa.

Aug. 1 — Philadelphia, Pa.

Aug. 2 — Boston, Mass.

Aug. 3 — Holmdel, N.J.

Aug. 8 — Raleigh, N.C.

Aug. 9 — Cincinnati, Ohio

Aug. 10 — Atlanta, Ga.

Aug. 15 — Rogers, Ark.

Aug. 16 — Southaven, Miss.

Aug. 17 — Birmingham, Ala.

Sept. 5 — Sioux Falls, S.D.

Sept. 6 — Des Moines, Iowa

Sept. 7 — St. Paul, Minn.

Sept. 12 — Kansas City, Mo.

Sept. 13 — St. Louis, Mo.

Sept. 14 — Chicago, Ill.

Sept. 19 — Bridgeport, Ct.

Sept. 20 — New York, N.Y.

Sept. 21 — Albany, N.Y.

Oct. 3 — Greenville, S.C.

Oct. 4 — Jacksonville, Tenn

Oct. 5 — Orlando, Fla.

Oct. 10 — Knoxville, Tenn.

Oct. 11 — Louisville, Ky.

Oct. 12 — Nashville, Tenn.

Photo Credit: Getty Images.